"Industry hot" robot era arrives in Dongguan, the first unmanned factory opened


Recently, Guangdong Dongguan, the first private "unmanned factory" began to invest in construction, which marks the local "machine substitution" strategy entered a new stage.   Reporter learned that the current employment gap in Dongguan has reached more than 100,000 people, "unmanned factory" of the opening or will alleviate the phenomenon of labor shortage, but also in China's robot industry will have a positive impact.    "Unmanned factory" compression can reach 90% Dongguan Songshan Lake Chang Ying Precision Technology Co., Ltd., is a production and sale of mobile phone series connectors, shielding pieces and ultra-precision hardware terminals and molds of High-tech enterprises. Recently, the reporter opened the first "unmanned factory" branch of the project site to see, one by one manipulator installation and commissioning.

    It is understood that the company is advancing the "unmanned factory" construction system of the first plan to invest 1000 of unmanned manipulator, the early 100 have been the first manipulator "induction."    The company's executive vice President Ning introduced that the previous manual operation of CNC machine tool products, often prone to safety problems, product quality stability is also relatively poor. "In the whole of Dongguan ' machine substitution ' strategy vigorously implemented the background, we are determined to set up a smart unmanned factory, through the hardware manipulator to replace the manual, and then establish a highly intelligent software control system, remote control of the network, will greatly improve the efficiency of the plant and product quality.    "said Ning. "' Unmanned factory ' does not mean no one at all, but it will massively compress artificial quantities and even reach 90% levels.  The company's chairman, Chen Chixing, said that after the "smart Factory" was completed, some software systems, middle-and back-office managers, not exceeding 200 people, were expected to be required, and that more than 2000 staff would be required if the current manual production level were to be calculated.    In fact, since 2014, the Pearl River Delta, Dongguan, Foshan and other cities have issued a "machine substitution" strategic planning, under the subsidies of special funds, the regional entity manufacturing enterprises to the industrial robot intelligent equipment transformation of the atmosphere is increasingly strong.    Take Dongguan as an example, the municipal government set up the Dongguan "machine substitution" special funds, from 2014 to 200 million yuan annually, 3 consecutive years a total of 600 million yuan support enterprises to implement "machine substitution", the maximum subsidy ratio can reach the total equipment 15%.    Dongguan Economic and Information Bureau of the Director of the introduction, so far in Dongguan to promote traditional industries and advantages of "machine substitution" Application project reached 505, investment amount of 4.2 billion yuan, can reduce the employment of more than 30,000 enterprises, enterprise investment costs are expected to recover within two years.    Can we alleviate the shortage of labor?    In fact, the current rise in labor costs, determine the Dongguan and other places "machine substitution" strategy implementation of the necessity.    With the rapid increase of human cost in the Pearl River Delta, enterprises generally feel the pressure of survival, Dongguan Taiwan-funded Enterprises Association president Sanzo LED, although the initial industrial robots and other infrastructure investment is larger, but the growth of strong enterprises are expected in a few years to recover the cost, "compared to the annual increase in the human cost of more than 20% uncertainty, it is worth the price.    At the same time, the "substitution of machines" has raised doubts about whether to increase factory layoffs and employee unemployment.    Reporters in the field survey found that the case of Dongguan, "labor shortage", "recruitment difficulties" and other phenomena are very common, showing that the current labor shortage rather than the reality of surplus labor.    In Dongguan Houjie town, the reporter sees the enterprise advertisement advertise everywhere, the enterprise generally reflected this year "The recruit is more difficult than previous years". "The reduction in employment does exist, and the number of people we apply here this year is about 20% less than last year."   "In the Houjie town of an enterprise on-site recruitment booth, Dongguan Oasis Shoes Human Resources department manager Li Chun with reporters. Houjie Town committee Secretary Wan Chaopei told reporters that the current employment gap in Houjie town to reach 14,000 people, and according to the Guangdong Provincial People's Bureau of data, the current Dongguan employment gap of up to 100,000 people.   In view of this, the implementation of the machine substitution strategy in Dongguan has been replaced by more than 30,000 people still far can not make up for employment gap. "In the process of machine substitution strategy, we will not lay off the staff, instead of increasing the number of employed workers as factory size expands."    Ning told reporters. Stimulate the development of domestic robot industry "machine substitution" I want to raise my hands to agree. "Li Qun Automation Technology Co., Ltd. General manager Shi Jinbo said," for some enterprises, hundreds of millions of dollars of machine equipment into the enterprise ' pressure ', government ' machine substitution ' subsidy funds have the positive role of policy guidance, while 15% of the maximum subsidy ratio, also to a certain extent, reduce the investment anxiety of enterprises, lighten their burden.    "Many people in the industry believe that in the Pearl River Delta Manufacturing enterprises in the transformation of" China's intellectual creation "of the key period, the implementation of local government" machine substitution "strategy to" take a reassuring "enterprise, has an important guiding significance.    At the same time as the market demand has increased sharply, the industry has been sentenced to the domestic robot industry will also usher in the rapid growth of the golden period.    International Robotics Federation (IFR) statistics show that last year, the market for industrial robots in China, the Swiss ABB, Germany Kuka, Japan Yaskawa Motor (Yaskawa) and the Division (FANUC) and other overseas enterprises accounted for more than 70% market share.   Huang Yanghua, assistant researcher of Industrial Development Research Institute, China Academy of Social Sciences, said that with the implementation of "machine substitution" strategy, China's robot market will rapidly develop to the trillions of orders, "cake big" at the same time will stimulate more market players into the industry. "With the increasing shortage of labor force in some areas, the demand for robots will gradually increase, which will also push the robot research technology to achieve more breakthroughs and more localization."    "Shenzhen Chung Hing Technology Co., Ltd. Market director Li Yuewei said.    In March 2015, the Guangdong provincial government issued a three-year action plan for industrial transformation and upgrading in Guangdong Province (2015-2017) (hereinafter referred to as "the Plan"), which marks the full promotion of the "machine substitution" strategy stage in Guangdong. The plan said that by the end of 2017, Guangdong province three years to guide 20,000, more than 50% of the scale of industrial enterprises to complete a new round of technical transformation, three years to complete the industrial transformation of investment 943 billion yuan.    To the end of 2017, the initial construction of 10 in the country has a greater impact of the intelligent manufacturing industry base, the completion of 2 of the domestic leading robot manufacturing industry base, to promote more than 1950 large-scale industrial enterprises to carry out a "machine substitution." With the promotion of machine substitution, China's robot industry will develop rapidly, and the era of Chinese intellectual creation is coming. "Lie group Automation Technology Co., Ltd. Finance director Hu Yu said. (article information from the Internet)