Type C, CES exhibit faster transmission connections


At the CES 2015 exhibition in Las Vegas, USA, the USB Performer Forum and Intel cooperated to show the world the power of USB 3.1 Type C. In addition to supporting the positive and negative insertion of the connection, is an impressive transmission speed, type C with USB 3.1 standard theoretical transmission speed of ten Gbps. At the scene the USB mechanism uses two Samsung SSD $number EVO to make up raid 0, and the actual test write and read through Type C port is more than Mbps.


At present, Nokia N1 tablet is the first in the market to use the Type C USB Port tablet, at this CES exhibition many manufacturers have introduced a lot of new standard port hardware equipment, MSI announced that its GT72 is the industry's first game notebook with a type C USB port; The X99a Gaming 9 ack is the first motherboard with the Type C USB port, which will be available for sale in March next year. Many smart terminals, including some handset makers, are also focusing on the connectors that are plugged in and out of the iphone. According to USB Promoter Group, which is responsible for developing USB standards, the organization has completed the design of the USB Type C interface, which will gradually replace the currently widely used micro USB 2.0 Type B interface. What is a USB Type C? USB Type C is USB extension Group USB 3.0 Promoter Group in December last year announced the new generation of USB connectors, will apply to the future USB3.1, can be compatible with USB2.0.


USB Type C connectors using a new interface, the overall design is more thin, although not directly access to Tpye, Type B, Micro B and other interfaces, but can be compatible through the converter. USB Type C The biggest highlight is similar to the Lightning interface, without distinguishing between the positive and negative joints, that is, "pros and cons can be inserted." USB3.1 transmission speed will be twice times before, reach S, can easily transfer 4K HD TV.


On November 8, 2014, Nokia officially unveiled its first Android tablet, Nokia N1, which is set to go public around the spring of 2015, the first device to support "pros and cons". It is understood that currently has Te Connectivity (Tyco) and other USB alliance members are ready, and will launch the Type C related products to serve all kinds of intelligent terminals. (article information from the Internet)